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5 Things to do in Tulbagh

Are you looking for things to do in Tulbagh? This little gem of a town has so much to offer. Nestled in a beautiful valley, Tulbagh is steeped in history; not just from its origins in 1699, but also from the 1969 earthquake that nearly destroyed it. Tourists flock to the area to experience the heritage of Church Street, with its independent shops, cafes and museums.

But there is more to do in Tulbagh than soak up history. This bustling town is moving with the times, and is quickly establishing itself as a go to destination for those wanting to escape from Cape Town for the weekend or people looking for something away from the tourist traps. If you are looking for an authentic Tulbagh experience, to relax and to enjoy all that is on offer in this scenic valley, here are my top 5 things to do in Tulbagh.

1. Wine by Bike The Tulbagh Valley’s unique climate is perfect for diverse viticulture. If you would like to enjoy the stunning scenery and make the most of the different wine farms in Tulbagh, Wine by Bike is the perfect combination. The bikes are equipped with wine bags for any purchases and maps are available to guide you through the valley and around the vineyards.

2. The Ginyard Tulbagh’s only gin tasting experience. Visit the Vindoux garden to sample The Ginyard’s five infused gins. You will be guided through the tasting notes, get to taste the gins, then decide which one you would like to have in your gin and tonic. Gift packs are available to purchase. To compliment your gin tasting, cheese boards and organic flatbreads from the pizza oven are available as the perfect accompaniment (subject to availability).

3. Day Spa Delights A far cry from the generic day spa, the Vindoux Spa, housed in a converted barn, offers the best in South African treatments. Produced on the farm, Fynbos Therapy products are used to invigorate your body and centre your mind. Let the scent of fynbos drift around you as you indulge in a massage, facial or specialist treatment, such as a couples massage, hot tub experience or an extra special pregnancy massage. Fynbos Therapy products are available to buy at the spa.

4. Stay in a Treehouse If you have loved your Tulbagh experience so much that you don’t want to leave, why not extend your trip with a night in the trees? We’re not talking about the treehouses you remember from your childhood here, but rather, luxury suites amongst the branches. Not only will the Vindoux treehouses make your Insta family #superjealous, but they also give you the opportunity to relax in style in the spa bath and on your private balcony overlooking the game camp. And breakfast in bed is just the icing on the cake. Definitely one of the best things to do in Tulbagh.

5. Organic veggies Take a little piece of Tulbagh home with you, or even get it delivered. Botanical Taste organic veg boxes are crammed with the best seasonal veggies, salads, fruit and farm eggs. Grown in a permaculture system, Botanical Taste produce not only tastes incredible, but they are sustainably cultivated and free from all of the nasties found on commercial produce. The boxes must be ordered in advance, to allow time for hand-picking and zero waste. Weekly deliveries are made to Cape Town if you would like to prolong your delicious Tulbagh experience.

So don’t delay any longer. Now that you know what the best things to do in Tulbagh are, come and check them out. You will always be guaranteed a warm welcome in this quaint little town, and with so much on offer, you might just never want to leave!

Written by Danielle Fullarton

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