Our established market gardens are not only beautiful to walk through, but they are organically farmed and provide us with delicious fresh ingredients . We also have free range hens for fresh eggs.

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We are expanding!

In July 2022 we made the big decision to remove our Cabernet vineyard and start a new organic farming project to compliment Botanical Taste.

We are very excited about this new chapter on Vindoux and hope that within 12 months we will be able to offer a unique, organic pick your own experience for visitors. We are passionate about educating people about the risks of using chemicals in food production and are looking forward to sharing our  knowledge with you.

We know this early stage of the project doesn’t look as nice as manicured vineyards, but we hope you will bear with us and share our vision.

Whats happening in the garden this week?

  • Our peas are delicious and sweet and providing a good harvest.
  • We are preparing the beds for a bumper planting this season. Included in this will be our first “pick your own” isle.
  • The broccoli seedlings are growing well.
  • The kids have been enjoying splashing in the puddles on the ground sheet after a little bit of rain.
  • We now sell our produce every Friday to the local market from reception and have a selection of veggies and salad available for our guests to purchase.
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